About Us

The year 2022 begins on January 1. Bangla Newspaper 24 (online version) began its humble journey with the first light of morning. Bangla Newspaper 24 swiftly grabbed the hearts of people thanks to its brave journalism, rich content, and unusual layout and design, and even the most smart and discerning readers pledged their allegiance to it. Bangla Newspaper 24 has been illuminating every nook and cranny of Bangladesh, as well as 200 other nations and territories around the world, with its print and digital products since then.

Our Principle:
The beliefs and principles we follow are the most important aspect in Bangla Newspaper 24 unrivaled popularity.

Journalism as a Profession:
We practice transparent and objective journalism with remarkable courage.
People Concentrate:
We speak about the people; we support the people.
Catalyst for Change:
We talk about positive transformation every day.
We think outside the box; we strive for originality and creativity.
We march in lockstep.

Our Sources:
Bangla Newspaper 24 is a fervent believer in the ideas of democracy, communal harmony, and the spirit of Bangladesh’s Liberation War. Our leaning is solely in favor of the country and its people, not any particular political party or group. When it comes to news, Bangla Newspaper 24 is impartial, uncompromising, and neutral. We treat women, children, and all minorities with equal respect, and we regard everyone in a family, from the eldest to the youngest. We collect the news over the world, Mostly we cover local news. We also marge news from different newspaper located in Bangladesh, We embed their news in our website. So, you can get all the newspaper’s news at one place.